The title of the three-person group show at Marquise Dance Hall, is taken from the T.S Elliot poem, East Coker, where the artists have created site-specific works that loosely explore the theme of beginnings and endings through a range of sculptural, drawing and painting processes. Having met whilst on an art residency program in Amsterdam a decade ago, the artists have since then, stayed in close contact maintaining an artistic dialogue together whilst independently developing their own art practices.

Wijnand de Jonge shows a vitrine work (Untitled), displaying four bronze medals (cast with the imprint of the fabric that lines the vitrine). Also displayed in the vitrine, is a concrete model made from individually cast lengths of concrete cast with a wood imprint (the model is a minature version of a previous sculpture made by the artist). Map hangs on the wall beside the vitrine. These works investigate systems of museum display and archivization. The focus on surface texture and the particular material associations of bronze, concrete, hessian and lead, imbues the works with an aura of heaviness and muteness, revealing complex temporal dimensions.

Colombe Marcasiano has constructed a site-specific installation consisting of wooden cut-offs that have been installed in response to the architecture of the gallery. Cut-off Iconsists of two wooden panels juxtaposed against the gallery wall. Cut-off II and IIIconsist of several painted wooden panels arranged on either side of the door way. Using the potential of found materials, the works investigate a play of abstract shapes and coloured surfaces in space.

Sally Reynolds has created two site-specific works. Loop is a large-scale drawing, consisting of a thick black line of acrylic paint on paper that monumentalizes a spontaneous action. 43 x 81 directly responds to the architecture of the gallery, taking its dimensions and position on the wall from the window pane directly opposite it. The works explore an economy of material and gesture.